Great books to read this Summer

In our house we love books and have read to the children from a young age which has fuelled their love of literature.


Some of the books we love reading at the moment are –



Title – The Wonder

Author – Faye Hanson

This book is visually stunning, its about a boy who daydreams and is able to use his imagination to make his daydreams come to life on paper. Its such a beautifully illustrated story and it captures what happens in a child’s imagination perfectly. Beautifully illustrated and a lovely story.                



Title – My Many Coloured Days

Author – Dr Seuss

This book explores the different feelings and moods through colours so children understand its ok to have different feelings, some days they may feel a lot of these colours. Its important for children to express themselves and this book shows children that its natural to feel different moods.




Title – What Do You Do With An Idea ?

Author – Kobi Yamada

This explores what you can do with an idea. It shows children that you can nurture an idea and see what happens to it. It also talks about people not understanding the idea or thinking it’s a silly idea but encourages the child to explore it and see where it takes them.




Title – We’re All Wonders

Author – R J Palacio

I know I can’t change the way I look. But maybe, just maybe, people can change the way they see…”

Amazing book that shows we are all different and to celebrate our differences. It’s important for children to understand that we aren’t all the same. We love reading this to our children and then just talking about what makes people different and ultimately unique !



Well this blog wouldn’t be complete without a safety recommendation and have also been reading this brilliant safety book.

Title – My  Body! What I Say Goes !

Author – Jayneen Sanders

It is a brilliant book to teach children –
About privates being private which is so important !
About having a Safety Network and ensuring that one person in the safety network is not in your family, great idea.
About No Secrets Just Surprises which we advocate in our blog http://www.inetguardian.blog/no-secrets-just-surprises/

Overall a fantastic book and even has a section at the back of the book with discussion questions ! Cant recommend it highly enough.



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