Have fun with technology this Summer !

Its inevitable that your children’s use of technology will increase during their summer vacation, however the use of technology does not need to be limited to indoor use.

We have put together a list of Apps that you and your children can explore together


Meet the insects;

Available on Apple iPad

Age – 4+

Cost – Individually they are £4.99 or you can get all three in a pack for £9.99

Meet the insects is an informative and well-presented app. It is narrated in American English and is a digital encyclopaedia on various insects and with all three apps you get information on up to 90 types of insect. There are videos showing the lifecycle of insects, a video of the app can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZUOLbd61y0

Great to use to see what insect wildlife you can see in the garden, on walks and when you are out and about.


Walkr – A Gamified Fitness App

Available on iPhone and Android

Age 4+ in App Store, Pegi 3 in Google Play Store

Cost – Free with In-App purchases

We really love the idea behind this app. It is a space themed game, and we know how much children love space, where you gain energy points by walking in real life. The app will use the devices pedometer which then get converted and used as points in the game.

The way the app is written and animated it is very appealing to children, but it isn’t the sort of game that can be completed in one sitting and is something that children will play in short bursts and if they enjoy it they will come back to it quite often. Admittedly the game can sometimes be confusing for younger children so is probably suited to children of 8 or 10+.  

Take a look at http://walkrgame.com/en/


Waypoint EDU

Available on iPhone

Age 4+

Cost – Free with In-App purchases

This app allows you to create a GeoCaching game for your children to play. It uses Augmented Reality so children can use the device to seek out the geocaches. It comes with some “hunts” already created however you can create your own hunts with your own waypoints.

It’s a nice way to introduce your children to GeoCaching.

What is Geocaching – Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor adventure that is happening all the time, all around the world. To play, participants use the Geocaching app and/or a GPS device to navigate to cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. (Taken from https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2018/03/what-is-geocaching/)


Plane Finder 

Available on iOS and Android

Age – Age 4+ in App Store, Pegi 3 in Google Play Store

Cost – iOS Lite version is Free, £4.99 for full version. Android £2.99. There is now a Plane Finder 3D and a Plane Finder AR.

This is a great app to use when having a picnic or just outdoors. Your children can spot a plane in the sky and then tell what airport the plane took off from, its destination, its current flight speed, altitude, scheduled arrival, estimated arrival and more.

Its also fascinating to zoom out on the map to see how many planes are currently in the skies, this is also great to show children.

Take a look at https://planefinder.net/


ChirpOMatic UK

Available on iOS

Age – 4+

Cost – £3.99

With ChirpOMatic you can use your device to see if you can find out what birds are in the local garden, park or walk. You record the bird for about 12 seconds and see if the ChirpOMatic app can identify it. 

Take a look at http://chirpomatic.com/


SmartPlant: Identify & Care

Available on iOS and Android

Age – Age 12+ in App Store, Pegi 3 in Google Play Store

Cost –Free, Offers In-App purchases.

Ever wanted to know what a particular plant is on a walk or in the garden. Using a Plant identifying app you and your children can find out about any particular plant in the garden or on a walk. We are not quite sure why its 12+ in the Apple App Store and Pegi 3 in Google Play Store.



Available on iOS and Android

Age – 4+ on iOS Pegi 3 on Android

Cost – £1.49

You can use this app to identify clouds and learn about their corresponding weather and try and figure out the weather for the day from the clouds.

 See http://cotonapp.com/


Star Walk – Night Sky Guide (iOS)

Star Walk – Sky View: Explore the Stars (Android)

Available on iOS and Android

Age – 4+

Cost – iOS £4.99, Android £2.29

Star Walk allows you to explore the night sky with your children. You can explore astronomical objects with Augmented Reality. You can even use the app to track the International Space Station and it gives you lots of information about celestial bodies.


Zombies, Run!                

Available on iOS and Android

Age – 12+ on App Store, Pegi 12 on Google Play Store

Cost – Free, offers in app purchases

Aimed more at older children and adults, this app caught our attention as it brings a new twist on running and fitness apps.

It’s a running game and audio experience, you are Runner 5 and you have to rebuild your base by collecting supplies and avoiding the zombies.

Sounds like great fun and has 300+ story missions!

 See https://zombiesrungame.com/


And to our final app, if you want your family to enjoy a safer online experience then why not sign up for our free 30 day trial…

iNet Guardian                 

Available on iOS

Age – 4+

Cost – App is free, service is subscription based.

Using iNet Guardian can help keep your family safe. In using iNet Guardian you can help your family stay safer online by ensuring they only visit age appropriate websites, set times that the device can access the Internet and also how much time (within a 24 hour window) can be spent online. The service also blocks phishing sites, which are sites which purport to be sites that they are not i.e. fraudulent financial sites with the view to gaining access to your financial information.

Visit www.inetguardian.co.uk for more information and to sign up for a free 30 day trial