Setting “restrictions” on an Apple device.

Did you know that you can set “restrictions” on an Apple device that will help your children stay safer online.

To do this click on the Settings icon


Click on General



Click on Restrictions



If the restrictions are not enabled then click on Enable Restrictions



You will then have to set a restrictions passcode, twice.




Go to Allowed Content and you can set whether music, podcasts, news and iTunes allow explicit content.



Under the Films section you can set the age of films that you want to. The user of the device will only be able to download movies that meet the age restriction that has been set.



You can set whether to allow all TV programmes.



Whether to allow Explicit Sexual Content in books.



You can set the age of Apps you want to allow the user of the device to download by clicking on the maximum age that you want to allow. The apps will still be available to view in the App Store but the button you press to download is greyed out so the App cannot be downloaded.


PLEASE NOTE: If you restrict the Apps on the device, any apps that fall outside of the age setting will no longer be visible on the device. If you then increase the age limit to bring the apps back, they will appear outside of any folders they were previously in and will need to be manually moved back into the folder they were in prior to the App restriction. 



You can set Siri to stop explicit language, so that it isn’t used in any conversation with Siri, and whether you want Siri to search content from Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter.



You can set limitations on the adult content for Websites however this will is not as comprehensive as using a Parental Guidance app such as iNet Guardian.


Further restrictions can be placed on whether apps can be installed, deleted and whether you allow In-App purchases.


Hope you and your family enjoy a safe online experience.


Paul Ford

iNet Guardian